Barber's Pole Worm vaccine
The first vaccine in the world for a gut dwelling worm parasite of livestock
A vaccine to aid in the reduction of H.contortus egg shedding resulting in lower pasture larval contamination and reduced disease caused by Barber’s Pole worm in lambs. Works against all Barbers Pole worms including those which are drench resistant.
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Barbervax has been developed over several years through a collaboration between the Moredun Research Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland and the Albany laboratory of the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia, where it is made by Wormvax Australia Pty Ltd. Extensive financial support has been received from Meat and Livestock Australia.

Barbervax has been trialled extensively in Merinos in the Northern Tablelands of NSW with good results.

Approval from the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority to sell Barbervax for use in Australian lambs was obtained on Oct 1st 2014. Armidale, NSW was the world's first launch site.